5 Ways To Manage Grief During the Holidays

5 Ways To Manage Grief During the Holidays

1) Take inventory of your immediate circle ( ensure it includes at least 1 person that can relate to loosing a loved one - you may need to search for that person).  Compassion will become essential. You can always become a @LegaciesRock member for a relatable community.

2) Interview Grief therapist & speak to one at least twice a month to learn coping techniques.

3) Find a hobby that can keep you occupied during the time you normally spent with your loved one.

4) Create a grief box with memories of your loved one.

5) Give yourself grace -- you may not learn how to cope as soon as you would like. Cry if you need to, but never loose hope that it will eventually get a little easier.  There will be peaks & valleys -- in time the valleys will no longer compromise what's important to you!

You got this!!!! You Rock & we are here for you, WE LOVE YOU!!!