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Founder Becca, lost her mom at 26 and was left with two younger brothers, ages 10 and 18, and her dad is a disabled military veteran.  It's a journey that only people in the same position can relate to.  Becca, recalls the challenges associated with grief and bereavement. She also recalls the pain from watching her brothers battle sadness and grief. She thought it would get easier, and it did, until her brothers had children.  

Becca realized how challenging it is for young parents in her brother's shoes and decided to turn the pain into purpose for people experiencing similar grief around the world.  

Everyone grieves differently, for this reason, Becca created merchandise that people could identify with.  A brand that when worn amongst strangers -- would make them feel relatable amongst a kindred spirit.  Her hope is that people can build off these connections and lift each other up. #IfYouKnowYouKnow.

In the spirit of compassion from people whose parents are still alive, Becca created the Legacies Rock Supporter* design.  15% of the sales go towards resources and products for the Legacies Rock Community & Mental Wellness Resources for youth.


Take this journey with us. The possibilities are endless and the love is unconditional, Becca is on a mission to lift spirits & support where needed!


Inviting all community leaders to email hello@legaciesrock.com to become an ambassador or contribute to the community. 


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In loving memory of Mom's & Dad's who died too soon 

Becca O.

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